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Why is Twitter imperative for PRs to use? - Unspun Group

Why is Twitter imperative for PRs to use?

If you want to be on top of the current affairs game then Twitter is invaluable! Especially so for the Public Relations professionals who need to stay updated all the time. Often people choose to break important news on this micro-blogging site because it has a huge reach. But some fail to understand the importance of this social platform where 140 characters can make dynamic changes.

According to a survey only about 45% of PR professionals use Twitter actively for their work. Many of them don’t consider using the different social media channels that can benefit them immensely. Also, it’s mostly the bigger brands that have an active social media presence; most of the startups fail to understand the importance of an active social media page. It is the duty of the PR of the respective companies to make them understand its importance and also guide them when it comes to social media interaction.

Whether you are a freelance PR professional or, associated with any agency or, working for a company as an in-house PR, you need to integrate Twitter in your daily life and use it as a medium to share company news and activities. It is a powerful tool that will benefit you in many ways if you learn to use it to your advantage. While the platform might have initially started as a pop-culture, now it has turned into a news-breaking space. PR pros should not only have a personal page on Twitter, but also advice the top officials of the company to do the same.

The main reasons why we recommend PRs to use Twitter actively are:

  • To make announcements regarding your client, it could be an award, event or even a crisis
  • To conduct research in terms of your competitors, clients, journalists and so on
  • To network with journalists, clients, friends and influencers who can help you

But some of the opportunities that the micro-blogging site can present to PR professionals are as follows:

Connecting with journalists and bloggers:

In a survey conducted, it was found that a good number of journalists turn to Twitter to research on their stories. If the data was so big way when Twitter hadn’t been as popular as it is now, imagine the impact it has now in the lives of journalists and bloggers? This is one of the main opportunities that PR pros can utilize to their advantage. Get on Twitter and do a research to create a media list and segregate them in your private list to be able to monitor better. The list could range from journalists to reporters to bloggers to freelance writers. You can follow their tweets closely to know when they are looking for information and pitch your client.

Share information about your client:

Twitter is a great platform to share information about your clients and the products and services they offer. You’re providing direct information to the seekers without interference of any third party and hence it will be considered accurate and authentic. You can also use it to provide behind-the scene glimpse of an event or the company, information that very few privileged have access to.

For example, the behind-the-scene information about a big brand fashion show. This will help in engaging audiences and also increase your followers and audience.

Crisis management:

Twitter has proved to be a great platform when it comes to sharing news. It shares news not only on human disasters but is also used extensively by PR pros to do crisis management for their clients. When it comes to crisis management, one need to be quick and Twitter provides a great opportunity. Now no one waits for a media house to carry their news the next day instead, they opt for Twitter if they have to make a statement and make themselves heard to a large audience across the world.

Crowd sourcing:

Twitter can become your one stop solution to all kinds of research. Yes! We’re serious. Looking for a journalist to cover a particular topic or a blogger to blog on a client’s product? Twitter has the answer. You can even crowd source information for your client if you can’t provide them yourself when a client asks for it. Just create a community base in the site that will help you out when you’re in need and vice versa.

Twitter is a social tool that has become the best friend of many and we at Unspun have understood it and applied at work too. We suggest our clients to keep an active Twitter page and make posts on a regular basis to keep in touch with the audiences and engage them too

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