We want you to be Online! All the time. 24x7x365!

Alright, as 2016 gets to its fag end and people all over are busy sharing their year in review, we marketers have something to express to you, yes you, our esteemed reader! We want to convey a big thank you. Yes, a) thanks for reading this blog and b) that’s not the only reason why we are thanking you. Nope, we ain’t flattering you. Read on and you’ll know why you are truly special to us!

We want you to thank you for being online all the time!

Because you were online, the ad campaigns we ran got more impressions. We got millions of potential ‘target customers’ to view our website thereby pushing our SEO rank up the ladder. Yay!! All because you decided you should stay online…what a brilliant decision it was!

Something more that we’d like to add here. If you hadn’t been checking the websites you did and ‘stalking’ them, we would have never been able to ‘stalk’ you and tag you pizza lovers, pasta lovers and what not! And all this while you’d been thinking how the computer was able to read your mind? Lol!

We also want to thank you for browsing through those shopping sites enabling us to track you down and build audience sets. Remember that mobile cover that you’d seen online and instantly fallen in love with? Well, we made sure it followed you wherever your eyes went because we knew you’d buy it sooner or later. Thanks for being such an awesome customer! Now, remember that orange bra that kept popping up on your desktop and you desperately wanted to hide it from your colleagues? Now you know who was behind the entire ‘popping’ strategy? Apologies for embarrassing you…but at the end of it, wasn’t it an amazing buy after all?

Image courtesy Buzzfeed

Image courtesy Buzzfeed

Thank you for taking all those funny quizzes – we’ll tell you what you love eating based on your answers, what you love wearing, what you love watching and on and on. Thanks for giving us those extra clicks that are very dear to us.

All said and done, all we want to tell you is ‘stop at nothing!’ Continue doing what you have been doing for because of YOU, we exist.

Much love,

The new age digital marketers.