Video will be crucial for PR in 2018. Here’s why?

We have all witnessed the drift in the way we consume content in the last 10 years. We see that the playing field has been leveled for online marketers. The affinity of the consumers towards video content is very much visible. And the marketers, are intelligent enough to work positively towards the following pattern.

What we are left with now is simply execution. We all know the rules, but who will play the game best?

Videos come in all shapes and forms, from social media-based platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to video streaming websites like YouTube, YouNow, and Periscope. Videos provide much more than merely entertainment purposes; they are able to market products in a personalized and interactive way.

If the idea that nearly three-quarters of all internet traffic will be video-based, here are three more reasons you need to add a video creation strategy to your promotional efforts. Lets watch.

Minimal Effort

Your average consumer is not going to read article after article, or view ad after sponsored post, instead she is scrolling and searching for content to capture her interest. Unlike a commercial, a visually appealing, creative and entertaining or educational video is easily consumable and requires very little effort.

Now, you’ve got about 3-seconds to capture interest and keep your viewer watching, so the faster you can communicate the value the better, from eye-catching visuals to an enticing headline. When developing videos for social media platforms, keep in mind how and when your target might be viewing your content. Including closed captions and subtitles on video improves engagement and SEO so consider the value on ensuring your video’s message is communicated during silent auto-play.

Customize Videos Into your emails

A company newsletter risks being mis-categorized as spam, or simply glossed over after the first few land in a consumer’s inbox. However, you can increase those open rates (which will help with deliverability) by inserting a lively video in anything from a product confirmation email to a shopping cart abandonment notice. Now, video embedding is not supported across major email clients, such as Gmail and Yahoo, but you can insert a screenshot image of your video and link to a landing page or YouTube page. 

 A Creative Playground

One of the best features of social media is its immediacy. Especially with the introduction of live streaming through Facebook Live for example, businesses, media and influencers are able to directly interact with their audiences, forming more intimate relationships that ultimately translate into trust. The good news is that once you get started, you can take advantage of a single video shoot and utilize it for a multitude of platforms, resulting in a highly efficient content batching strategy.

Videos can be in a variety of different forms including the following:

  • Instructional: Whiteboard and illustrated videos are a great way to break down a complicated product or concept
  • About us: create an emotional connection with a brand welcome video
  • Q&A Sessions: Q&As can either come from preselected questions or live interactions
  • Product use: Invite employees or influencers to demonstrate how the brand fits into their day
  • Timelapses and montages: Show process (great for beauty and wellness) or behind-the-scenes footage
  • Live streaming: Connect with audience in real time and showcase personality

Videos are much more effective than traditional media because of the interactivity of the medium fosters a high level of engagement that can make brands more relatable and products in high demand while giving overall credibility a boost. Start investigating the role of video content in your overall marketing mix now to reap the rewards. Video will rule the industry and smart thing to do is make the best use of it.