V-Day & We Digital Marketers Want To Spread Love To Some Special Ones

It’s Valentine’s Day today and as everyone is busy wooing customers with out-of-the-box deals, discounts and what not, we digital marketers also want to wish some really special people. The World Wide Web is flooded with Valentine’s Day campaigns with women swooning over roses, singletons spooning tubs of ice-cream into their mouths, guys popping the big question with diamonds the size of apples. We are different! While we love you, yes you our beloved customers, with all our heart, this time around we want to take a step out of the heart-shaped chocolate box and wish someone really close to our heart, with whom our affair has been eternally blissful.

Happy Valentine’s Day Google – our 1st and true love. We’ve had the longest, most intense relationship with you and you have been the most trustworthy partner anyone can ever dream of. A match made in heaven! **Bliss!** Second on our list is Facebook with whom our fling gets profounder by the day. Our entertaining unpredictable love story is what dreams are made of, isn’t it? We’d like to wish LinkedIn as well. While we truly adore you (puppy eyes adore), we really wish we could take our relationship to new heights. Unfortunately, you have really high maintenance costs and we’re just a bunch of meagre digital marketers. Our liaison with Twitter is short, sweet and simple…so short, it can be defined in just 140 characters!!

We’d also love to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to Google+, Tumblr, Snapchat, Vine, YouTube…if you weren’t around, one thing is sure, we digital marketers would have perished!! As you evolve so do we each day. Lots of love and hugs for keeping us young forever! Pinterest, you have looks to die for, but committing to you for a lifetime engagement is not our cup of tea!

Whoops, not to forget Happy Valentine’s Day to SMS, WhatsApp and emails…what would we have done without you? **cringes**

All in all, we digital marketers have so much love happening around us, we really have no time for humans!! 😛