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Each New Year brings in new trends in different spheres and digital marketing is no different. While 2018 saw quite a few hits and misses when it came to trends, which we wrote about in one of our earlier blogs, in this blog we take a look at some of the new trends that will mark 2019.

The online marketing industry is a very active one where trends come and exit very fast. New trends show up every now and then and if you are smart enough to identify and apply them, you’ll gain the most. Here a few of the things that you can use to leverage digital marketing in 2019.


They are defined as “a form of digital media that consists of an episodic series of audio, video, digital radio, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device. The word is a portmanteau of iPod and broadcast.” Having one’s own podcast series is a great idea as it also lets you to play with paid ads. A few big brands like Netflix and GE have podcasts that provide information on different things useful to people. They are getting popular and 2018 will see a surge in its use and will go a long way in creating customer loyalty.

Social advertising:

Online advertising has seen a phenomenal growth and 2018 was witness to this revolution. This will keep on growing and as per reports, in 2019, the spending on online advertising will surpass that of TV! Sound unbelievable right? But it’s true. As more and more people take to online, this platform of advertising will only gain ground. Trend marketers cannot ignore this as a huge part of the digital budget is likely to be allocated to social advertising. One must start by deciding which of the platforms will be worth investing in. If you are a fashion brand, then the best channels that will benefit you are Instagram and Pinterest other than Facebook where pretty much everything works well. Also, don’t allocate budgets to blogs written by your team randomly; instead try to promote organic posts. Create posts that have call to action for better use of your ad spends.


The past has already shown us the power of videos. In fact, nothing is perhaps more powerful than videos now as they work way better than any kind of written content. Visual content will dominate 2016 and more and more brands will allocate increasing budgets for videos. Videos play a key role in engaging audiences under 18 and digital marketers have realized the power of this particular target group in 2017 that they will continue to apply seriously in 2018. Videos help in leaving a lasting impression and bring to life brands that are otherwise lifeless and remain unknown to people. According to a recent study, 96% of B2B marketers are using videos in their content strategy.


The last year has shown us the growing impact of mobile that has become one of the leading platforms for digital marketing. No one can ignore the importance of mobile as it continues to surge ahead of the rest. Marketers will continue to create intriguing mobile marketing strategies as the usage will only continue to grow. A mobile-only site that doesn’t have a desktop version is perfectly acceptable as per Google that is looking forward to a fading desktop-audience.

Animated GIFs on social:

One of the most innovative digital marketing trends that came up in 2017 is the animated GIFs that are being increasingly used on the various social networking platforms. They have become very popular since their introduction. Twitter itself shows that most of the best-performing content involves a visual element and GIFs work great since a whole story can be said in just a few seconds. With human attention span getting smaller and smaller, GIFs are the way forward for advertising.


Move aside personalization, it’s the era of hyper-personalization! As per a survey, marketers can expect more emphasis on hyper-personalization to generate attention and beat the digital marketing crowd. This will see marketing messages personalized for individuals based on data insights. As more and more brands understand its value, they will apply this particular trend in their marketing strategy.

With the stress now being on visual marketing, brands are taking the cue and including it in their marketing strategy. Expert digital marketers are advising the same. We at Unspun like to stay a step and think for our clients; let us create a 2019 digital marketing strategy for you!