The increasing importance of Personalized Marketing

Our planet is home to 7billion plus human beings and as many DNAs. While have a lot in common, each of us has a distinct quality, a specific preference and choice in various walks of life. In all the centuries that preceded the advent of the internet, it was difficult to know what somebody thousands of miles away was doing. 

But now, all it takes is a click. You watch a movie, you checkin and the world knows, or at least your facebook friends will. From clothing brands and accessories to beverages and food that you like, business know what you want. That means, if you still adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, chances that you will become redundant in the competitive space is only obvious. 

Understanding the pulse

Surviving constant competition demands constant reinvention. Your ability to identify the changing needs gives you the edge but your ability to personalize an offering to customers will place you a notch above the market clutter. To do so, you need to have a dedicated marketing team for customer interaction or user engagement. 

Make a customer feel special. Tell them how your organization understands their specific requirements and choices. Why would they desert you? It’s simple, isn’t it? The challenge, though, is understanding. How do you go about doing it? Are there more ways than one? 

Yes, there are. But there is one that scores over the rest. It’s simple, effective. It’s interaction. 

Interaction is the key

When technology had not made its presence felt, human interaction and conversations were the only of getting to know people. Replace human beings with social media platforms, and the job is done. Having said that, it is important to avoid being repetitive and offer something new, all the time. 

For example, consider a Diwali or a new year post on your brand’s Facebook and Instagram page. If it doesn’t ask questions about what the festival means to each of your customer and elicit responses, the post or communication is as good as redundant. But, if you get a response, it will help you design and deliver further custom communication to individual customers and build trust for the brand. 

Reiterating this: Make a customer feel special with personalized communication and the brand’s success is a concurrence, the most plausible consequence of the efforts.