6 things to keep in mind to run a successful Adwords campaign

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Starting something new is always an exhilarating process, more so when it happens to be an online advertising campaign. Right from the conceptualization stage to creation to implementation, the entire process is a great learning and it gets rewarding when the successful implementation brings in the desired results.

Whenever someone refers to advertising online – they refer to advertising on Google. There is a reason why Google ad network is known as the baap of online advertising. Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average that translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. Interestingly enough, Google ad network works for almost all products and services – be it a local pet store, bakery or a software company selling managed services.

The vast reach of the ad network, targeting and bidding options and in-depth reporting makes it cool to work on Google ad network. It helps reach users at the right place at the right time.

Apart from this, Google ad network is a reasonable online advertising option that even the smallest businesses can afford. It also has a tool known as Google Analytics that helps you track the progress of your campaign apart from letting you know the number of clicks and other relevant data.

Now, no matter what kind of products or services you’re trying to sell through Google ad network, the basic principles to run successful campaigns remain the same. Here are the top six things to keep in mind:

1.Identify the right Keyword –

You need to first ask yourself if the keyword that you are using searched in Google. There is no point advertising on keywords that no one searches. Once you establish that, your next agenda will be to know whether or not, the person running the search is likely to buy your product. To arrive at your conclusion for the above mentioned facts, do an extensive research. Make maximum use of the keyword planner and find your relevant keywords and ensure that your ad copy has the keyword or keywords. Spend some time and effort to align the keywords, ad copy, and landing pages for relevancy. Also, stay active and run a search regularly looking for new keywords to add to your Ad Groups and don’t miss out on negative keywords. Staying updated is also staying ahead.

2.Optimizing ad text –

A successful adwords campaign is complimented by a great ad text that ultimately converts into a sale. Optimize the ad text to the maximum for better results. The ads should be compelling and target oriented, make them strong and relevant. Put a strong call-to-action or creative copy in the text. Also, ensure the keyword is present in the ad copy. Experiment with different offers and call-to-action phrases to see what drives conversions. Top performing advertisers are constantly testing and updating their ads to find the best message for different keyword groups.

3.An impressive landing page –

Once the target audience clicks the ad, it takes him or her to the landing page. This is the second point of contact, the first being the ad text, and hence it has to be impressive, something that will deliver the promise that the ad made. You must have a landing page that matches the keyword and the ad and this page should have a catchy headline reiterating the promise made in the ad. You can create multiple landing pages to match the ad copies and optimize for good conversion. Optimization is not a onetime activity as the landing page that is working today may stop work tomorrow. Moreover, there is always room for improvement; continuously run tests to improve the conversion rate.

4.Run A/B tests for Adwords –

The Google adwords A/B testing tool is also known adwords Campaign Experiments, or ACE. This tool is one of the best ways to improve key metrics like click throughs and conversion rates. Since A/B testing for adwords is comparatively unused, you’ll have quite the advantage if you master using this tool as compared to your competitors. Before you start testing, define the goals clearly. This tool allows you to change three variables in your test: bids, keywords and ad groups. Before making the change, give some thought to what you are looking to compare.

5.Remarket your database –

Remarketing is important in adwords. It helps in reconnecting with customers that you might have lost touch with and also connect with new ones for your existing products or services. Remarket your database and keep updating your remarketing lists; create ad texts to match the lists and landing pages accordingly.

6.Manage budgets and bids –

Budget and bid optimization isn’t necessarily about spending more, it’s about spending smarter. Go with a budget and a bid amount that you are comfortable with. Choose your objective, what is it that you want: views, clicks or conversions, and bid accordingly. After your campaign has run for some time, evaluate which keywords are more effective in bringing in sales and adjust your bid to spend more on the effective keywords.

We at Unspun are constantly working with our clients to create the best possible adwords campaign for them that are effective and efficient. Our in house experts analyze the data and with clients giving them the chance to make the best possible choice.