Simple Tips to create an impactful Digital Campaign

Irrespective of your business modules and objectives, your primary concern will always be customers. Customers are becoming more savvier than before. They know exactly what they want through research and their need and your business’s success lies in their finger tip, quite literally. Hence, its time for us marketers to level up accordingly. Today, their needs are more than physical or a service, what they seek is an experience and brands that provides this experience are the ones to succeed. To achieve this, marketers need a renewed approach towards marketing where-in personalisation plays an important role. Here are some guiding principles that have proven to bring in results.

Customers should always be your king

Though at the risk of sounding cliché, I would still like to stress, customers come first. Which means while planning your best marketing approach, it shouldn’t revolve around your brand, it should revolve around customers, and enhancing their life. And the first step towards this goal, is customer insight. 

Customer insights are one such areas where the digital rules over traditional. Through digital, you have slew of opportunities where you can glean as many customer data as you want, according to your needs and requirements. Also, when it comes to target audience or niche market, you can have the clear insights through tools like Google consumer surveys and Google trends. These tools offer a better understanding of your audience, niche market, and customer interests and intent. To gauge the impact of your campaign and have insights on lines like “What are customers responding well to?” or “How can the user experience be enhanced?” etc, tools like Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics and Firebase comes in handy. 

Through these tools, campaigns can be built which combines your brand goals with problems which a common man faces. These campaigns will not only meet your business goals and objectives but will also act as a solution for the problems faced by your customers. Ex- Google Map’s #LookBeforeYouLeave campaign. This campaign strategically targeted the traffic problems faced by the masses and aligned their brand in such a way their products catered that problem’s solution thereby providing an experience. The result: 40% growth in their product Google Map’s daily active users. 

Knowing where customer spend their time

One of the few key areas where customer insights come in handy is customer research. Here marketers have insights to understand where customers spend their time most, which platform is the right one to get maximum engagement, which areas they visit often etc. This ultimately answers the questions, “What is the best channel to reach the right customer at the right moment?”

Before, marketers were always faced with the limited channels of communications, to take forth their messages. But now situation has changed. Mobile devices are ruling the communication industry. Its what people turn to for entertainment, for research, for purchase and other user defined experiences. With consumers turning to online research before making the purchase, digital has become an essential and integral part of your business strategy. When you understand how people interact with each channel, you can strategically direct your budgets at the right places to ensure the most engaging and relevant experiences for your customers. 

Creating a personal connection

With the customer’s mind becoming your competitive ground, every campaign has to be designed in such a way that you keep customers in the driver’s seat. With technology becoming the tool that bridges the customer’s expectations with the required brand, only brands that are more relevant and personalised to their individual needs, can win this race.

To achieve a better customer engagement, create that personal connection with your customers. Understand their digital landscape requirement through customer insights, to increase your customer base. By putting digital at your core, you get to have real time insights that will help you to understand how the market works and which customised creative will gain your success ratio. When you know this, you can make real time adjustments based on context and latest trends, thereby you can scale your creative that is personalised and achievable at its core.