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Services - Result-Oriented | Strategic Marketing Consultants in Bangalore.


By effortlessly blending our in-house technologies with competitive marketing insights, we capitalize on your spend to help you achieve enhanced ROI. We are also a leading E-Commerce solutions provider, your one point of contact as Amazon brand management & distribution partner.

MyPR.io, a brainchild of Unspun Group is the world’s 1 st  PR automation platform that facilitates businesses to drive a range of online PR activities across geographies traversing numerous media channels. The interactive platform helps secure press coverage at a fraction of the cost of an agency and drive media, influencer and customer interest that builds stronger relationships with your audience, drive traffic and garner leads. Our activity will include creative media relations across traditional, online and social media, live support from PR professionals, competitor analysis as well as brand ambassador engagement and strategic brand alliances.

Enabled by innovative, cutting-edge tech, we offer a complete portfolio of professional E-commerce business solutions. Our experienced team delivers Amazon brand strategy, full-service brand management and scalable advertising solutions to drive long-term, profitable brand growth. Our Ecommerce business solutions will help you with customer information that even Amazon’s largest seller does not furnish. We do auto-pricing after proper competition analysis so that your brand integrity and stability remain unscathed.

Developed and delivered by world-class faculty and industry leaders, via our pioneering Digital Leadership Institute (DLI), develop Skills to Succeed, Skills to Export and Skills to Sustainability and master strategic digital marketing concepts to address brand communication. Achieve tangible career impact along with rigorous and customized feedback on all projects. Our solution explores several aspects of the new digital marketing environment and once you complete our course, you will have a richer understanding of the foundations of the emerging digital landscape.

Unspun Group’s flagship product ACT is a backend customer behavior analysis algorithm that crawls across 250 live data sources on the net to understand a user’s behavior on demography, geography, socio-economic factor, interest etc. It creates, profiles and analyses target customers’ behavior, scores their online activities and then recommends the right marketing channel to be implemented to reach customers through the fastest possible way and lowest possible cost.


See how Unspun Group can collaborate with your company to optimize your customer interaction methods