Press Releases are certainly not Dead – Unspun Group

1.All businesses must distribute press releases:

 No matter how big or small your company is, it can benefit from distributing press releases to tell its story or about a new product update or service. This news will be covered by trade journals, magazines, online resources, the works! This is not possible unless you put your story out there.

2.Distributing press releases is inexpensive:  

This is the almost-always preferred option to paid advertising. Most companies write their own press releases and just need a PR person to hand out the press release to key members of the media, so that they can write stories for their respective publications. This is definitely more inexpensive than ads.

3.Boost your company’s visibility :

By distributing frequent press releases, you establish a bond with the media. They get to know you and your company and stay updated with the news you have to offer. In time, they begin to trust you and your company starts getting more coverage.

4.Get known as a thought leader :

If the media gets to know you and your company really well, they will start contacting you for sound bytes for stories about the industry. This is great for your business as it establishes you as an expert.

5.Good press releases really circulate :

A well-written press release may spread like wildfire. This is because the bigger news agencies look to smaller news agencies for sources of news. And once a reporter catches a whiff of a story, other reporters hasten to cover the same story.

6.Focus on the customer who will read the news story :

When customers read the story, your brand makes an impression on them. You can keep them in mind while writing the press release. What pain points of theirs will be solved by your product or service?

7.Attract investors :

News of your company successes and achievements will attract investors too.

So by no stretch of the imagination is the press release dead. It is very much alive and a part of spreading awareness about your brand and solutions. Don’t neglect press releases unless you want to lose out on a major chunk of business.

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