6 Best Technique for Optimization your Facebook Fan Page – 2019

Social media is what it’s about if you want netizens visiting your site and learning more about your product or service. A Facebook Fan Page helps since Facebook has over one billion active users as of September 2012. Here are a few tips to optimize your Facebook Fan Page:

1.Keep it current:

There’s no point in having a Facebook fan page if you hardly log into it and all the material on it is outdated. You need to keep it updated with the latest news about your company, the latest photographs, and the kind of content that is evergreen.

2.Have an impressive cover photo:

Putting up a stock photo on your cover page denotes laziness. So get a really impressive photograph for your cover photo. It can be graphics with the company tagline and website. The profile picture can be your company logo.

3.Use correctly sized images:

Use images that are of the right size. Too big or too small won’t work. It has to be perfect. Use this handy guide to take you through the process. 

4.Show an arrow from the cover to the Like button:

This will encourage visitors to click the Like button and indicate their preference for your company.

5.Include your website URL in the Facebook description:

This will encourage people to click on your company website and visit the site.

6.Organize your tabs:

Making sure your Facebook tabs are in order is an important step in welcoming visitors to your page. If a visitor finds that he or she cannot find information easily, the chances of them visiting again are pretty slim.  In case you are running a Facebook contest, make sure the tab for it is visible without having to click “More”. If you want to drive traffic to your business’ website, place your ‘Visit our Website’ tab before your ‘Photos’ tab.social media

With these few tips, you can optimize your Facebook Fan Page and make the most of what  has to offer.

Check out the sample checklist for your social media marketing needs!!

Want to improve your Facebook Page? I often notice things on Fan Pages that can be fixed easily. This Facebook Page Checklist will help you identify them and get them done. A few will be quick, others you just have to do once, and some are an o

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