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New tool for PRs in India: Infographics! | Unspun Group

New tool for PRs in India: Infographics!

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So what are infographics (IGs)? They are the visual representation of complex information, data or knowledge shared in a simple and clear manner. IGs or information graphics include pictures as well as content but are presented in a visually appealing manner so that it is absorbed easily by the other party.

For example, share a text heavy piece with one journalist and an IG with another; you will see how differently each of the journalists handles the information at hand. While the first journalist will probably not make it to the rest of the text after the headline and the summary, the second journalist will be able to reach out to all accurate information in one read hence is better informed spending very little time on it. This will in turn reflect when he/she writes about your client.

There are a lot of advantages of using IG; Information is easily grasped and retained longer than the average text. They allow people to view the same data in a different manner, not to mention that a whole lot of data can be presented at the same time without confusing the readers, making the tool a very mandatory aspect in terms of marketing and public relations (PR).

The best part about IGs is that pretty much any and every kind of data can be represented in them. So whether it is a company’s quarterly results or announcing about their expansion plans or sharing news about their funding or even a new launch with any media publication through a press release, a pitch note or even a letter to the editor, you can use IGs for everything and more. So why are Indian PRs not using this particular tool?

IGs are more positively being used abroad, especially in the USA where all the PRs send out their press releases or editorial content in the form of IGs. This enables the journalist to easily navigate through the data and incorporate it in their work.

At a time when life has been limited to just 140 characters and status updates, when the span of attention of an average individual is quite low and entire news pieces are presented in the headline – PRs in India should get more proactive and creative and use the IG tool. This will in the long run to help not only the PR but the clients, journalists and the readers too.

One need to constantly reinvent the information sharing techniques to stay ahead in the game and today since everything is digital, visual content is more appealing. Usage of IGs has become very frequent in the social media, where primarily information sharing takes, and since PR is another form of sharing information, it only makes sense for them to use this particularly useful tool. It will definitely go a long way in adding value to your clients.

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