Make Storytelling Do The Marketing For You

We need to take a step back and look at where marketing is and what’s influencing it right now. One of the biggest trends is unquestionably storytelling and it has the ability to attract and resonate with audiences in a really big way.

Let’s look at why brand storytelling is the future of marketing.

What is brand storytelling?

By definition, brand storytelling is a cohesive, consistent narrative that intertwines the facts and emotions your brand evokes. It focuses on using a narrative to connect your customers to your brand by focusing on your values, mission and history.

In order to grasp the definition, we need to understand that marketing today is at crossroads. We live in a world where everything is digitally driven; the human aspect of consumer interaction has been waning. But people long for authenticity, and businesses have to answer. They need to have a personality and for that they need to have a story. This story creates connections with audiences and engages them on a much deeper level. 

Brand storytelling is no longer something that is nice to have in your content. It’s essential to the growth of your company. It can maximize your visibility, revenue, and reputation.

Let’s take a look at how you should harness brand storytelling for your business:

1. Be unique 

No matter your industry, you’re already in a crowded marketplace. The internet has somewhat democratized marketing, making it accessible to all, but also saturating markets. While you do have a quality product or service available to your audience, they need to know more in order to want to buy from you. Your brand story has to differentiate you from your competitors.

You could simply focus on the facts, statistics, or testimonials to promote your product. There needs to be some heart in it and you need to be uniquely you.

Takeaway:  Focus on being memorable by creating a brand story that invokes an emotional response while also delivering key information. This is the opportunity to use narrative to win over prospects. Create content around your brand’s history and how it has evolved. This story is personally your own; no one else can write it. 

2. Build a friendly community 

When you are in the heat of brand storytelling, you’re in emotional territory. There are also values and ideas. When you are in sync with your target audience, you don’t have customers, you have a community; one that is loyal and even fanatic.

Takeaway: You can create this type of community with how you tell your story. Invite conversation and engagement, transforming your brand into an experience. When customers feel this kind of closeness to your story, they will support you and let others know.

3. Balance + Humanity = Profitability 

Simply doing the basics in marketing these days probably won’t get you the results you desire. Customers want more than to be sold. They want to know how your brand is making a difference and doing more than just turning a profit.

Takeaway:  As humans, our brains are genetically wired to respond to stories. With a memorable brand story, a person can feel a real connection to your business. It can have a lasting positive impact that turns customers into fans. 

Breaking down storytelling

Now that we’ve established why brand storytelling is the future of marketing, it’s all about the execution. Here are some tips on how to get it right.

1. The best stories address your customers’ pain points and get them curious and invested. Think about any great story you’ve ever read. If it didn’t get you sucked in from the beginning, you may have lost interest.

2. It’s important that your value proposition is the start of your story, so it might be time to revisit it and think of how it fits into brand storytelling.

3. When you can inject personal relevance into the story, you’ll have someone who wants to be part of it. When you give your audience a role in the story, they see themselves as part of the solution—your solution.

4. Your customers are people, and being such, they are emotional. We all make decisions based on feelings. So, you need to use this to your advantage in storytelling. Without being able to create an emotional connection, no one is really going to care what you have to say.

Brand storytelling is much more than a trend in marketing strategy. It’s the future of how brands will connect with audiences among all the noise. Embrace brand storytelling so that your business can create lasting relationships and loyal customers.