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Gone are the days when marketing decisions were non-decisive and intangible. Thus, after having gauged the dire need of redefining the tenets of marketing functions in today’s unsettling business environment that is struggling to pace up with technological advancements, Unspun Group has come up with a revolutionary idea to fill the gap.

We’re calling it Mass – Marketing-as-a-service!

Unspun Group is India’s first technology-based marketing products, services and training company. We fill the gap with our Marketing Solutions-in-a-box – a model that will help optimize the digital presence of your business and can be adapted across various business sizes looking to market their own products and services online. No matter what your business model is, a startup or a business enterprise, no matter how many members you have on-board – 10 or 100, MaaS from Unspun Group can be your perfect partner in making waves when it comes to your marketing needs.

1.  Every brand has a story, let us tell yours! Our PR-in-a-box solution is what you need. 

  • Effective communication and influential outreach are the most vital components in keeping a business ahead of its competition. Because businesses operate on a tight budget, getting out-and-out involved with a PR agency can be difficult and heavy on the pocket.
  • Building your brand audience is an art. Unspun Group’s PR-in-a-box will be your personal PR planner. We will help your business secure press coverage, build stronger relationships with your audience, drive traffic, earn your clientele…and the best part, all this at a fraction of the cost of an agency.
  • In the 3 months’ subscription plan, we will help with your brand positioning, research & planning, content creation, business profiling, media relations, measure deliverables and ROI.

2.  Save time and do more…much more with our Social-in-a-box solution. 

  • Social media is the face to your brand or business. As a marketing channel, its presence and power are ubiquitous and vital to the success of your business strategy.  
  • Unspun Group’s Social-in-a-box solutions makes it seamless to bring large, multi-disciplinary social activities across content, creative and video creation.
  • You will also be provided with infographic and guaranteed organic increase in Twitter followers and YouTube views.

3.  Research-in-a-box

  • Let’s get it straight, the internet is a massive, highly lucrative source of income today.
  • With our Skills-in-a-box solutions from DLI, master Digital Marketing & Google Adwords with a hands-on holistic approach.
  • Our courses encompass cutting edge, innovative curriculum and learning environment with the goal of producing dynamic, knowledgeable graduates who are prepared for the growing, ever-changing and fast-paced atmosphere of digital marketing.

4.  Enroll for our digital marketing certification course through our Skills-in-a-box concept, learn from industry experts and conquer the world that’s headed for a revolution! 

  • Be inspired, make successful decisions with our research offerings. Our team of experienced market research consultants has expertise in a wide range of research techniques from focus groups to online surveys and from B2B depth interviews to models of demand.
  • Leverage our Netnography research methodology to understand social interaction of your customers in contemporary digital communications context.
  • Our research is driven by online data led by API integration and partner based offline research.

Over time, Unspun Group has gained a reputation for delivering simplified marketing solutions for SMEs as well as business conglomerates. We understand how your marketing is performing, why & what you can do to improve performance, optimize your spend and remove the guesswork from ROI calculations, through accurate simulations and make every program and campaign more transparent, accountable and efficient.