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It’s undeniable true when someone says, “first impression is the best impression.” If someone doesn’t like what they see at first glance, stay rest assured, they aren’t getting back to you for business. Therefore, you need to devote time, money and resources to make sure your business looks kickass the moment they lay their eyes.

Once you’ve done all that hard work to get visitors to your website, the next big step is to convert them into leads for your business. Here’s where you’ll need a landing page for assistance.

Being the heart and soul of an inbound marketer’s lead generation efforts, still we do not find it being used to its potential. The number one reason businesses don’t use landing pages is because their marketing department doesn’t know how to set them up or they are too overloaded.

In the long run, you can’t really sweep this feature under the rug.

What is a Landing Page?

A web page which allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead-capture form (AKA a conversion form).

There are different methods via which you can introduce your audience to the landing page.

Like you can build landing page that allow visitors to download your content offers (eBooks, webinars, whitepapers), or redeem other marketing offers such as free trials, demos, or coupons for your product.

With this feature in place you can:

  • target your audience,
  • offer them something of value,
  • and convert a higher percentage of your visitors into leads, while capturing information about who they are and what they’ve converted on.

They key, as a marketer, is to create the landing pages in the first place, an

Reasons You Need Landing Pages 

If you are still not convinced with the idea for the need of landing pages? Here are more compelling reasons: 

  • Easily Generate Leads

As mentioned earlier, too many companies send their email, social media, and search traffic to their homepages, which is almost equivalent to throwing leads away. By sending them to targeted landing pages you could have increased your chances of capturing the lead.

  • Give Your Offers a Place to Live: 

Landing pages with marketing offers go hand in hand. Your offers will not support your lead generation efforts, without being gated behind landing pages. The idea is to make your website visitors to ‘pay’ you in contact information for something valuable as an offer.

  • Collect Demographic Information About Your Prospects:

Once the lead completes a conversion form on a landing page, your marketing and sales team would be collecting valuable information about your leads. This information can help you understand what types of visitors or marketing personas are converting.

  • Understand Which Prospects Are More Engaged: 

If you wish to collect better intelligence on your leads’ behaviors and activities on your website, which can come handy for your sales team.

Landing pages not only enable you to generate new leads; they also help you track reconversions of existing leads, which can be use to identify which prospects are more engaged with your business.

  • Provide Fuel for Other Marketing Channels: 

A successful inbound marketing strategy relies on content and lots of it. Landing pages are a great addition to any marketer’s content arsenal since they can be shared in social media, used as the focus of dedicated email sends and in lead nurturing campaigns, be linked to in PPC ads, and get found in organic search.

  • Offer Insights Into the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Offers: 

Every time you create a landing page, you’re creating another data asset for your marketing program. By tracking and analyzing the metrics associated with your landing pages, you can collect a lot of insight into your marketing performance, such as how your various marketing offers compare, how visitors and leads are converting on your landing pages over time, and more. This gives you powerful insight that can help you optimize and improve your marketing. 

More Landing Pages You Have, the Better

If you know how to create effective landing pages. Do experiment and use the landing page which gets the most traction.

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