Its not just about generating leads it’s about nurturing them!

Unspun ConsultingNurtured leads produce, on average, a 25 percent growth in sales opportunities vs. leads that are not nurtured.

In today’s changing business landscape, the B2B Buyer’s needs have changed and they need to pro-actively engage around educational topics that will directly or indirectly help them generate better-qualified leads.

But is it about generating quality leads? Do they close just like that? Only 10% of the large parts of the leads that are generated by several marketing channels convert into sales.  Leads need to be nurtured until they are sales-ready. To enable the process successfully, sales & Marketing need to be aligned more closely, creating a seamless buying process

Every company thrives on an opportunity to turn marketing into a revenue driver rather than a cost center.

We have tried to provide some tips that will be helpful to all business;

 The changing B2B Buyer :

  • Buyers are seeking and finding more information on their own they’re in control.
  • Search engines and vendor Web sites are top information sources in the buying process.
  • To drive revenue, marketers must become more adept at identifying sales-ready leads and nurturing the remainder.
  • Vendors need to interact with prospects before the sales conversation, by providing relevant information that is relevant in the earlier stages of the buying process.

Convert mote leads into sales :

  • Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, Lead Routing and Lead Monitoring close the gap in the middle of the funnel.
  • Improve the dynamics of your revenue cycle to convert more potential customers into customers.
  • Increase productivity with Automation
  • Run more campaigns without expanding the marketing team.
  • Create more consistent email follow-up.

Example: automate Webinar campaigns, including invitations, reminders, follow-up and reporting.
Goal: Increase the number of sales opportunities & deal size and reduce cost per qualified lead

  • Companies are able to use existing staff for nurturing campaigns, increasing the number of sales-ready leads by 50% with little to no incremental investment
  • Nurtured leads delivered 47% higher average order values than non-nurtured leads

Improved Lead Quality = Increased Sales Productivity

  • Prioritize leads based on quality and urgency
  • Let sales send leads back to marketing for further nurturing, preventing leads that just “sit” somewhere.
  • Provide comprehensive lead activity history for sales.

Show that marketing is a revenue driver, not a cost center.

  • Optimize ROI
  • Improve marketing’s accountability by proving marketing’s impact on revenue
  • Improve Revenue Performance:

–      Conversion rates

–      Time in a particular stage (velocity)

Realize the benefits of lead management with new technology and improved processes technology combined with Lead management processes provide the framework to:

  • Convert more leads into revenue
  • Run more campaigns
  • Nurture leads automatically
  • Make sales more productive
  • Measure progress and results

Increase Conversion leads to Increase Marketing Productivity and improve Lead Nurturing that in turn leads to Increase in sales effectiveness turning  Marketing into a revenue driver with an estimated ROI of 30% on spend.