Harnessing Digital Media for Social Entrepreneurship: Now Is The Time

Digital Marketing has made communication easier, simpler and faster. Not just that, various digital media have created multiple avenues to reach people with clearly defined messaging. More importantly, the Return on Investment (ROI) is significantly higher than traditional marketing methods like television commercials, print advertisements, billboards among others. 

Also, trends backed by data clearly point to businesses opting for cost effective digital marketing over saturated methods. This shift, among other factors, indicates the effectiveness of social media communication. Statistics reveal that the number of social media users in India has grown from 142.23 million in 2019, to 351.4 million in 2019. The figure is expected to reach 447.9 by 2023. 

Social Entrepreneurship and Social Issues: Why Social Media?

The numbers clearly explain why social entrepreneurs are able to successfully use social media to reach a larger audience. Social entrepreneurship is an approach adopted by entrepreneurs and startups by employing entrepreneurial principles to solve social, cultural problems while making a profitable business

The most important part of any communication is the clarity of purpose. Social media platforms help define your messaging, fora niche or a larger audience. Let’s consider the education of underprivileged or encouraging rural women empowerment through small, sustainable businesses, which has seen a steady rise over the past few years. 

If there is visual content that connects with your audience at an emotional level or lays threadbare facts backing your analysis of an issue, the chances that it will result in awareness and engagement are significantly high.  And, unlike other expensive traditional methods, a video on instagram or facebook is relatively cost effective. 

Engagement Matters

Moreover, the reach and engagement is immediate. This faster response time is testimony to the power of digital media. Sharing a link on whatsapp or other platforms is the internet equivalent of the oldest ‘word of mouth’ medium. With persistent messaging, and incorporating the feedback received, yow will both retain audience and add more. 

Essentially, you are building a brand with your story like most brands do. The digital advantage, though, is the ability to focus, target, analyse and measure your progress and failings with precision. Healthcare crowdfunding platforms hold a mirror to why people can be made to believe in a cause. All that a brand needs is to build is trust. 

Social Media can be your bridge to success, business and gratification. You can solve problems, make the world a happy place and earn money. Yes, you can. More power to you!