Doing more with less – Social Media for Startups

Social_Media_For_Startups_2Start-ups need to learn to do a lot with less. Social media is a great tool for start-ups, which if used right can provide great results with very little investment. Here are 4 ways in which start-ups can leverage social media.

Customer Service: What Twitter and Facebook lets you do is have a real-time conversation with your customers. Make sure there is someone to monitor your social media channels and reply to customers and address their pain points., which sells PBX services to small businesses has solved over 20 customer support issues using Twitter and has also created a “vibrant product feedback loop, with good user participation.” according to its Vice President of Marketing Todd Barr.

Interact, Interact, Interact: The primary aim of social media is community building. Startups can take this online community building to the next level by meeting its Twitterati in tweet ups or other events scheduled for personal interaction. These people could become your brand evangelists if handled right! Zugara is one company that uses social media to create community and build awareness through both its Twitter and Facebook account to build relationships organically.

Market your Products:  With Youtube, Slideshare and a host of other tools, it is possible for companies to market their products. They can put up product demos, infomercials and videos that talk about their products, share testimonials and bring in more customers. Think of it as a conversation in the real world. What would you tell a stranger you just met about your product or service? And stay engaged with them. Just like you can’t walk away in the middle of a conversation in real life, you need to respond to their queries on social media.

Internal Collaboration:  Start-ups are also using social media to stay connected to their employees and partners internally. Conversation and collaboration are a part of a start-up culture and a healthy way to spur innovation. This is facilitated by social media and web-based applications to create a virtual office environment for employees.

The viral reach of social media and its potential in spreading good news and bad like wildfire shows that any social media activity if handled right can take you places! So get going. Get social & build your social brand!