Cut no corners when it comes to Content Marketing – 2019

We read about how content is “king” . Here are some tips to help you rule the roost with your content. They are known as the 5 C’s of content marketing.

1.Context – Identify pain points of your customer and then offer solutions

The most crucial element in effective content marketing is the context in which content is created for the audience. Without context, content is just words and might not hold meaning or relevance for the reader. The idea is to identify the pain points faced by customers and then offer solutions through your content. Let the content do the talking, so to speak. Treating your content like coaching advice for the audience would be the right approach to adopt. Great content can help you differentiate your product or service in a “me-too” market and position it in the mind of the consumer.

2.Cornerstone – Include basic information that customers need to know to do business with you

A cornerstone is the foundation upon which your content marketing strategy is built. The basic information that customers need to know to do business with you or avail of your service should be included here. An FAQ section could do the trick. You may also include SEO-content to make your content searchable and feature on top in search engine rankings. Creating compelling content that users will want to share is the goal. What’s important to remember that it’s not about tricking an algorithm into ranking your content high on the internet, but about creating value through your content and making it “share-worthy”.

3.Connection – Strike a chord with customers through engaging content

The connection aspect of content is about simply making a connection with the audience. The audience must find your content engaging and be interested in what you have to say.

It should have meaning for the reader and relevance, too. Letting your creative juices flow in making your content appealing is all part of the game. Stop trying to please everyone and reach out with specific messages that will captivate your audience. It’s better to bond strongly with some, rather than bore everyone.

4.Conversion – Convince people to do business with you

This is not merely about content that will result in lead generation. It’s about convincing people to do business with you, getting into their minds and making them believe that your product or service is essential to make their lives better. Conversion content will help differentiate your product in the market in more substantial ways than just price comparisons.

5.Copy – Woo your customers through your storytelling techniques

Copy must have a “pull” approach to entice customers rather than “push” information or a message out to them. It’s wooing customers through what you have to say and it involves strategy. What you’re really aiming to do is tell a story over time with the customer as the protagonist. Human beings are storytelling machines and we love to tell stories and be a part of them. So what’s your story going to tell?

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