How To Create Content That Prospects Love?

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Content marketing has changed a whole lot in the past few years. While it was once a small component of larger digital marketing campaigns and strategies, big brands have started to realize that content can be a marketing end unto itself.

As a result, most marketers are betting big on content. The demand for content marketing is there, and marketers are putting more and more effort into satisfying it. How should you align your content priorities in order to reach prospects in 2018? Look to the following trends for answers on how to develop a winning strategy in the coming year ahead.

1.Original Content

Quality and quantity of original content has quickly become a competitive differentiator for big companies. This first trend may not be too relevant for small business owners without deep pockets, but it helps set perspective. While you may not be keen to spend millions on a dedicated content site launch, you can know that your efforts to create quality content are considered a smart move. With this in mind, know that high-quality content creation is quickly becoming table stakes in digital marketing for businesses of all sizes.

2.Mobile Optimization

Your content should always be optimized for mobile. In fact, you may want to consider a mobile-first strategy when designing content. Nearly 70% of media consumption now occurs on mobile, according to Com-score. That means your audience is 2.3 times as likely to be viewing your content on a mobile device as opposed to desktop.

In response, you should ensure your content strategy and design embraces a mobile-centered viewpoint. For example, all of your blog content layouts should use a responsive design that looks good in a vertically scrolling format. You should also ensure that your photos look big and bold on small mobile screens. Knowing that the person who views your next article or video is likely to be using a mobile device will therefore influence the choices you make and how you approach content in general.

3.Video Marketing (And Live Video) Gets Even Bigger

45% people spend more than an hour a week, on average, watching videos just on Facebook and Youtube. People collectively watch over 10 million videos on Snapchat in a single day. These stats indicate that huge audiences are out there, hungry for video content. Businesses able to get their attention through eye-catching videos and a steady stream of must-watches stand a better chance at bringing prospects into their marketing funnel.

One area where video has completely taken off with small business owners is live video. Most small businesses don’t have the time or budget to start producing slick video assets. Yet, they do have access to smartphones and tripods.

A small business owner or your marketing head can quickly devise an HD recording setup on their desk and begin live streaming. People generally have lower expectations of live streaming because they are more engaged and feel more closely connected to their hosts.

4.Native Advertising

In an era of over-saturation, high-quality native advertisements have helped guide content strategy towards more engaging formats. Native ads force businesses to understand their audience and what they expect when they consume media on a certain venue. For instance, a promoted Facebook post that looks like any other post from a friend can generate engagement.

Over time, native advertising has given companies an opportunity to flex their creative muscle. Small business owners that think about their content from a native ad perspective can often find greater levels of engagement and lead nurturing.

Final word…

If your goal is to engage and convert more prospects in 2018, content marketing can easily become your golden ticket. By creating more live videos, using mobile as your standard and thinking about content from an audience perspective, you can boost the quality and appeal of your content like never before. As a result, 2018 just might be the year you engage more prospects than ever through great content!