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Fast paced technologies and industries, are usually filled with numerous myths and clichés, and digital marketing is not an exception to it. The digital marketing eco-system is filled with misinformation making it not only hard for marketers to decide what to believe in and what not to, but also stalling the inception and application of the marketing strategies they create. Here are few digital marketing myths that we have explored and busted for you. 

You need a lot of digital marketing tools for your marketing strategy to succeed

In 2011 the marketing tools that were present in the market were around 150 or so. By the end of 2018 its some thousands that are available in the market. When emphasis is laid only on these tools, marketers loose focus and forget that a concrete marketing strategy is essential too. In simple words depending on marketing tools alone, is like having a car but not knowing your destinations or not having a map, it will not take you anywhere. 

To decide which martech tool that will work well with you, involves research and analysis. For this to work, you have to come up with a marketing strategy that you are planning for your brand, determine the process of execution, and finally identifying which martech tool to implement in to achieve the digital campaign through the strategy you have planned. 

With word-of-mouth marketing there is no need for digital marketing

Some marketers and business owners believe that if they have good customer base present already then word-of-mouth marketing alone is enough. But that’s not the case. In the absence of digital marketing brands loose so much even when they have good word-of-mouth marketing.

Using digital marketing to maximise your pre-existing word-of-the-mouth marketing will increase your brand awareness exponentially, boost your online traffic and will drive new leads for your business. Also, in the present fast-paced marketing scenario, mobiles and smart-devices rules your profit curve, because customers first do the research before they make the purchase. So, when you provide a ‘happening’ digital presence for them it will shoot-up your profit margins.

Blogging is just a hobby

One of the most common misconception is that blogging is only a hobby and business don’t need them. However, the recent years have seen blogging to be the most efficient and cost-effective tool for lead generations. 

Content marketing that includes infographics, vlogs and blogs, may seem simple it takes strategic planning around the content and proper execution to drive results for your marketing funnel. 


You need to post several posts in a day to be successful in social media

Social media experts provide you guidelines on how to target, when to post, how to increase impact and impressions and much more. In this regard, one of the common misconceptions is posting higher number of social media content per day aids for a successful social media campaign. In reality it achieves the opposite effect. 

Whenever you are posting a social media content or blog posts for that matter, the key criteria is that your content should be easily consumable and it shouldn’t tax the readers reading it. On this note, when you post more than three post per day, customers will hesitate to consume your social media content and it will fail in creating a good impression. Instead research, analyse social media posts that create the best impact and targets and reaches higher number of audiences. Ensure that you post not more than 3 or 4 post per day. That’s the average rate which consumers consume social media content. 

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