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May the force be with you! Yes, the Star Wars universe has practically touched everyone’s lives across the globe; while some literally live in it, others particularly don’t find it that interesting though they sure are not ignorant of it. The digital marketing world too, that takes inspiration from different places has found a lot of it from the Yoda of Star Wars.

With the release of the latest offering from the most-watched franchisee across the world, today we list out a few of the Star Wars connect with the digital marketing world that can literally transform you into a Jedi of the digital marketing world. Someone who will literally have special powers to propagate the nuisances of digital marketing, so what are you waiting for? Hope on to take a ride through the world of digital marketing in the Star Wars bandwagon:


Yoda says, “There is only do, no try!” Similarly, as a digital marketing expert you should make sure that your campaign works the first time you run it. UTMs also known as unique tracking methods help you, the campaign manager, keep an eye on all the different campaigns that you roll out for your brand or product. Ensure that all your campaigns have proper tracking codes. By setting UTM parameters, you are helping yourself and your client track which campaign is attracting the most number of people and which is not. By knowing the exact figures, you can make changes to your campaigns accordingly to optimize the performance.

Split or A/B test:

Don’t give yourself to the dark side by remaining ignorant and test each thing that your run. A simple A/B test also known as Split Testing, enables you to compare the results from two different layouts or subject lines, before launching your email. It is about comparing two versions of a web page to see which one performs better. You compare two web pages by showing the two variants, in this case, A and B, to similar visitors at the same time. The one that gives a better conversion rate is the one that you should opt for.

Build your army:

Just like the storm troopers, that are clones, your keywords too find have clones. Find keywords that are kind of clones-best suited for your business. Get rid of the ones that don’t perform well as they pose the risk of bringing your campaign down. Review your campaign report through the Google Analytics report and take a look at the keywords that are not performing well and remove. Add them to the list of negative keywords and save your money.

Keep track of what your competitors are up to:

In Star Wars, there are different constellations and the Jedi Council keeps a track of what the other galaxies are up to through the usage of their highly advanced technology keeping them one step ahead of their rivals. Adapt the same theory in real life and apply it for your digital marketing strategy. Make the most of the technology available at hand like Google Analytics and Alerts that will help you keep an eye of what your competitor is up to that will in turn help you formulate your next step.

Be Princess Leia:

Princess Leia is one of the iconic characters of the Star Wars who also happens to be a Jedi Master. She has often been described as a diplomat, spy, warrior and an undercover agent who fights the dark and evil forces. Assume a similar role for yourself and work towards the greater good of the digital marketing world. If you have learnt something new, then share it with the world and let others know the benefits. Always pass on what you have learned and establish yourself as a thought leader in the market.

Size matters:

In The Empire Strikes back, the Yoda asks, “Judge me by my size, do you?” which means, don’t judge anything by its size, especially in digital marketing, where small can mean powerful. When you consider long blogs, it could mean more trouble. The problem in today’s world is that people don’t read; they are either short of time or attention span. So make your content crisp and small.

For example, use small videos and info-graphs instead of writing a long blog as though them you can easily explain a lot of things.

Stay on target:

Don’t lose the vision of your marketing goals and objectives and lose focus. Instead concentrate on what you have aimed for and keep updating yourself on the latest new trends and technology that will help and assist you achieve your goals.

“Someday I’ll be the most powerful Jedi ever” is every digital marketers dream, and why not? With the field being so dynamic and akin to change, one can work actively to emerge as an influential thought leader in the digital marketing world.

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