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At Unspun Group, by uniting the forces of our visionary in-house technology products, powerful marketing insights and digital marketing services, we are reimagining customer engagement and digital outreach. Unspun Group’s Marketing-as-a-service [MaaS] proposition is a pioneering effort to provide simple, flexible and fully customized managed marketing services that simplify how companies engage
external marketing resources. Responsive and intelligent, our service portfolio gives your business access to enterprise level marketing tools and on-demand expertise – at a price you can afford.

By clearly defining scope and key performance indicators to measure marketing outcomes, you can proliferate your return on marketing investment that will ease the rapidly mounting cost pressures on your business.


Artificial intelligence can never replace emotional intelligence. While technology is an enabler, it is extremely essential to have the right inputs and insights from experienced professionals to drive customer communication and engagement model in companies that are looking to grow and diversify.

Our tools, methods, models and training are all curated and designed to meet these ongoing ever changing needs of clients. Budgets, milestones and metrics fall into place once the right outreach programs are identified and that’s where Unspun Group’s Marketing-as-a-service model fits in perfectly for companies that are at a nascent stage, growth stage or at a stage where they are looking to broaden
their horizons and scale.


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