7 ways for startups to market themselves

Startups need to market themselves aggressively. There are numerous cost-effective ways to do it in this age of technology. Some methods work better than others depending on your product or service. The key is to adopt the method best suited to your offering. What you need to remember is that it is not the size of your marketing budget but your creativity in getting your ideas across that counts.

1.Produce an Infomercial  –

Produce an infomercial. An infomercial is a relatively long commercial in the format of a television program. The infomercial can give out information about your product or service and result in a spike in sales!






2.Fund a Charitable Cause –

 You could tie up with a charitable cause and donate proceeds of the event or show to charity. That way, you get to help with a cause and also get your name in front of new clients.





3.Create Limited Edition Products –

Create demand for your product by making it scarce. Make it a collector’s item so that people will vie for it. And watch the sales soar. This works best with fashion accessories and apparel.





4.Billboards and Hoardings  –

 Place your billboards and hoardings where there are maximum footfalls, like outside a mall or a crowded junction. This traditional way of advertising still works. The more people that see your hoarding, the more top-of-mind your product or service remains in the mind of the potential customer. This works well for property and residential houses on sale.




5.Give talks at conferences –

 The more you put yourself out there, the greater are your chances of success. So present papers, write articles, white papers, give talks at conferences and trade shows. Be seen and heard.





6.Go on a road trip – 

Drive across the country to different places and meet with prospective buyers and customers. Tweet about it, share pictures on Facebook and document the journey on social media. This will build a buzz around your road trip and serve as marketing in itself.





7.Send creative mailers – 

Choose your target audience and send them creative mailers showcasing your products and services. Be original and let your flair for creativity shine through. Watch the responses flood in.