Top best 5 Tips for writing better Blog Post – 2019 edition

Blogging is an important tool in content marketing, and with the number of blogs out there, it becomes important to stand out and get noticed in the blogosphere.

If the title doesn’t grab you, you are not going to look at the post. Similarly, if the intro isn’t interesting, the rest of the blog post will definitely be ignored. There are some ways in which you can improve the quality of your blog post.

1.A good title:

The importance of a good title is often underestimated. People spend a lot of time writing the post and then give a title that is less than imaginative. This is a sure-fire way of getting your blog ignored. Spend some time crafting that eye-catching title. It will serve you well.

2.Making lists:

Rather than write a long essay, if you were to break down your blog post into a list, it will get more hits. The reason is that online readership is different from offline readership. On the net, people have very little patience and time to read essays. They should be able to get the gist of your blog just by scanning it.

3.Be original:

The thing about blogs on the net is that there are millions of them. If you are going to say the same thing that others have said and offer no fresh perspectives, why should anybody read your blog? So dare to be different. Be bold, be yourself.

4.Format your content:

Try placing visual cues at different places in your blog. Number it if it is a list. Use the bold font to differentiate subheads. Use bullets appropriately. In short, follow all the formatting rules, so that your content stands out on the net.

5.Use relevant images:

A blog with an image looks far more attractive than a blog without. So choose a suitable image and add it along with your blog to draw eyeballs.

You need to first attract the reader to your blog through an image, then by your blog title and then the intro. Get these rules right and you’ve got yourself a blog that’s worthy of being shared.

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