3 Reasons Why Interactive Marketing Should Be Integral to Your Business Plan

Business and life are similar in the process that they are a journey. Both demand building relationships and trust. So, where does it all begin? It begins with an attempt to know and understand people. In doing so, you start to interact. This begs the question, ‘What is Interaction and how does it fare on social media?’. 

Interaction, in simple terms, can be defined as a reciprocal action or influence. In other words, it is communication or direct involvement with someone or something. Digital marketing, in this regard, involves direct involvement with your customers and more importantly, potential customers. 

So, why and how is digital marketing inevitable to your business? Statistics make the answer amply clear. 

Some Stats that Scream Interaction, Education and Awareness 

According to OutGrow, 88% of marketers say interactive content differentiates them from their competitors. This clearly suggests why interaction enhances the brand’s chances of standing out. Moreover, an interactive engagement, say, a quiz, can be effectively used to create recall value. This is a definite possibility if the right questions are asked. 

You can always choose the answer that defines your brand accurately. Consequently, you are creating awareness among possible customers about the purpose and identity of your brand. The whole process culminates in educating your audience. Following this engagement exercise, the digital endeavour meets the challenge of offering your customers a choice. 

Present a clear choice, effective Call To Action: Asking the right followup questions

OutGrow also points to a very interesting fact: online glasses retailer Zenni Optical uploaded “You’ve Been Framed” — a nine-minute multiple-choice quiz that tested readers’ eyesight —  has generated more than $1 million in revenue and received a whopping 29,410 lead conversions.

This, undeniably, can be used to bring prospective customers closer to making their first buy.

Say your brand sells soaps. Asking your customer whether they like Lavender, Sage or Natural Rose, in the form of a poll or quiz, drastically increases your chances of achieving sales. To complete this three step interactive process, you have to create an effective call to action, which has to be synchronous with the two previous stages of educating and presenting a choice. 

According to toprankingblog.com, 66% of marketers have reported greater audience engagement after using interactive content. That surely is enough validation to limit static content only to necessities and embrace a cohesive interaction content plan, isn’t it? The answer, of course, is your choice. 

Tell us what you think the three reasons are. And we would be glad to know what your reasons are. Your whys and your hows. Because, your choice matters.